Welcome to Pendleton Ranch in Gainesville, Texas!

Although the ranch has been here for more than a hundred years, we have been caretakers of the land since February of 2014.  In that time we have done much to restore the land to its former beauty by reestablishing pastured animals that produce meat and fiber.  As we have worked to clear the land of invasive species of plants through organic and sustainable practices, we have had one thing in mind - establishing good pastures that will produce healthy animals, tasty meats, and beautiful fibers.

At Pendleton Ranch, we raise CVM/Romeldale sheep for wool and meat. California Variegated Mutant (CVM) sheep are listed by the Livestock Conservancy as endangered or threatened and we are the only breeders in Texas. These sheep come in a variety of colors and are known for their fine wool. We sell yarn, roving, and fleece made from the wool of these sheep. 

We also have yarn and fleece from our small herd of alpacas. 

We welcome visitors who are interested in our farm. Call to schedule a free tour.

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Ron Plis and Kathy DeOrnellas


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